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ThreeBond es una empresa multinacional que desarrolla las mejores soluciones en adhesivos, selladores, lubricantes, cerraduras, colas de caucho, epoxi, entre otros. Ofrece al mercado productos de alta calidad, desarrollados con tecnología japonesa. Su misión es: servir y satisfacer a los clientes, ofreciéndoles productos, superando las expectativas.

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Tips Examine Survey Effects Viewing Review Replies.

Tips Examine Survey Effects Viewing Review Replies.

You will see and evaluate your outcomes whenever you want during range processes inside Examine portion of the study. Right here you will find an overview view of your data; browse specific responses; initiate and export vibrant maps; use filter, contrast, and tv show policies to evaluate certain facts opinions and segments; see and categorize unrestricted reactions, and simply download your results in numerous types.

Videos Overview

Watching Research Replies

You can view summaries of each study question, or search through individual study reactions.

Monitoring matter Summaries, the standard Analyze see, provides you with quick insight into the overall outcomes of their study. For close-ended inquiries, dynamic maps are produced automatically for aesthetic assessment.

Viewing Individual answers is advantageous if you want to view each respondent’s total group of answers to your own review. Also, every person reaction contains respondent metadata, allowing you a lot more understanding of:

  • Whom submitted the responses (should you decide tracked replies)
  • The enthusiast by which the impulse was published
  • The start and conclusion date and time
  • Committed invested entering an answer
  • Response completeness
  • The ip with the respondent

To search specific answers, click on the person feedback loss toward the top the Examine webpage. Make use of the remaining and proper arrows to browse through each impulse.

You will see open-ended answers under the matter Summaries case and within the Individual feedback tab. Once you see an open-ended matter into the Question Summaries place, you may need to click on the answers url to view all feedback.

With some settled strategies, you can use the writing analysis functions to determine and label recurring terms or motifs in your answers.

Making use of Procedures to evaluate Data

After viewing the general matter Summaries, you are able to create guidelines to respond to considerably particular questions relating to your computer data. Filtration, examine, and Show principles lets you focus in on certain subsets of the facts, so you can evaluate your results such that’s the majority of significant for your requirements.

Premium people may produce an unlimited amount of regulations. Cost-free consumers may develop one rule.

Need filtration procedures to focus on a certain subset of the data considering some criteria that you define. When a filter try used, merely benefits that see that standards will program into the filtered see. Filter systems carry-over to both Question Summaries and Individual answers tabs.

For example, if you only need to thought answers presented within a particular time frame, build a Filter by Time course. Should you decide merely need to see reactions from girls whom published feedback within that point ferzu structure, develop a Filter by matter & address and implement both strain immediately.

You can filter your results by:

  • Matter & Address
  • Collector
  • Completeness
  • Time
  • Respondent Metadata

To produce a filtration tip, mouse click +FILTER inside remaining sidebar.

Examine guidelines make it easier to cross-tabulate your computer data evaluate the solution selection to 1 matter over the rest of the survey. In mathematical terms, it’s a joint distribution between two (or maybe more) discrete factors such as for example product usage and demographics.

If your included a survey question inquiring participants to choose their sex, you can establish an examine guideline to cross-tabulate and compare the research results from both genders side by side.

To generate an examine rule, simply click +COMPARE within the left sidebar.

You can utilize program rules to show just specific study inquiries or content within the consequences overview. If you’re best enthusiastic about evaluating certain inquiries or pages inside survey at one time, generating a tv show guideline will help you to consider those parts of the review with no mess with the rest of your review.

If your put miss logic inside survey to lead certain respondents to different questions based on her answers to past questions, you’ll be able to develop a Show rule which contains just the inquiries incorporated into that reasoning route for easier research.

Generate a Show tip, click +SHOW in the left sidebar.

a View is actually a snapshot of your facts made up of any Filter, Review, or Show guidelines which you apply at the study outcomes. With any settled plan, it can save you panorama in order to quickly toggle to and fro between different opinions of facts at any time, without the need to constantly recreate them.


With any compensated plan, you can install your results in a variety of formats. You can keep an off-line copy of your survey success, send the exports to others, install individual feedback for printing, or export the raw data for further assessment.

Exports are available on settled ideas.

Summary information exports support the response proportions, response matters, and open-ended answers (recommended). The PDF, PPT, and shine exports additionally include presentation-ready graphs and maps.

To export Summary information, click on the protect As option in higher proper spot in the Analyze page, choose Export document, and choose All summary facts.

All answers information exports make it easier to install their research’s natural facts for further analysis. All reactions data spreadsheet exports can be found in many platforms. You may also install individual responses in PDF format for easy printing and posting.

To export All replies facts, click on the salvage As switch during the upper correct area of this Examine webpage, select Export file, and select All feedback information.

Exporting person Responses produces a PDF document which has each respondent’s complete response ready, and additionally respondent metadata. It’s also possible to export one single feedback beneath the person Responses case in Examine section.

To export Individual reactions to PDF, click on the conserve As option into the higher right corner from the Analyze page, choose Export document, and select All specific responses.

According to the concern Summaries tab (the default view), maps were produced for each close-ended or statistical textboxes matter in research.

To export an information:

  1. Mouse click Export inside upper proper spot in the concern.
  2. Select Matter information just
  3. Mouse Click Export.

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